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Project Description
OnFly Calculator is a simple but powerfull calculator that can run Visual Basic.NET & C# scripts.

OnFly Calculator is a calculator that can infinitely expand its operation depending on the needs
of those who use it, thanks to a Visual Basic.NET & C# Script compiler.

OnFly Calculator is to a software pleasent to use, with clear colors & easy to use, but above all, you can customize your interface to be more comfortable.
At this new version OnFly Calculator includes a lot of improvements. Like:
  1. Correction of multiple errors.
  2. New visual style.
  3. Make button now run selected script
  4. The button to write Point in the on-screen keyboard has been added.
  5. New Install Wizard
  6. New Script engine.
  7. XAML Skins.
  8. File repositories, for easy reaching of scripts from a remote server

here you will find releases and source code of OnFly Calculator
remember to visit our blog at

OnFly Calculator 3.5 Installer

OnFly Calculator 3.5 Sources

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